About us

Something Deep Within the Human Heart Breaks at the Thought of a Life of Mediocrity

- C.S. Lewis

Who we are

BadassGlobal™ is a community of multi-national entrepreneurs who believe we can change the world through the integration of travel, increased net worth and service to others.

We do this through the integration of innovative thinking, personal development, emotional engagement, community service and peak life experiences.

This manifests in ownership of our time, the wealth we create, the lives we inspire, the epic journeys we take and the unforgettable stories we share.

Come join us.


Martin Ruof     


Husband. Father.


International Trainer.

Co-Founder of BadassGlobal


Jessica Syfko Ruof


Wife. Mother. Yogi.

Entrepreneur. International Trainer.

Founder of ELVTD MVMT.

Lululemon Ambassador.            

Co-Founder of BadassGlobal